Tax Law


In view of the significant impact of the Brazilian tax system on the commercial operations carried out by its clients, Figueiredo&Velloso opted to constitute the Tax Law area ─ composed of professionals with extensive experience, both in the market and in the exercise of relevant positions in the Public Administration ─ in order to better support corporations to make strategic decisions associated with the tax effects intrinsic to their business activities.

As the changes in tax rules are constant, the Firm acts proactively to anticipate and seek to maintain the legal security of business activities or agile measures that can help clients to better position themselves in the face of possible inevitable conflicts.

The fact that the head office is located in Brasilia allows for an expressive presence in the Superior Courts, in the administrative judging courts and in proximity to public fiscal policies that may benefit corporations, such as in terms of joining incentive programs or in transactions with the Treasury National, both institutional and those that can be individualized by client.

The performance is structured as follows: 


  • Consultancy in structuring, reviewing terms and implementing merger and acquisition operations;
  • Support in mapping and analyzing the different tax models to be adopted according to the characteristics of the undertakings or projects, which are the subject of consultancy;
  • Monitoring of inspection and defense in the administrative area due to possible tax assessment notices;
  • Assessment of risks associated with tax litigation scenarios.


  • Strict monitoring of cases under trial in Courts and administrative judging courts, especially those with the potential to be replicated in order to reach clients’ interests;
  • Administrative and / or judicial guidance and interventions in the face of problems in proving or settling tax issues and possible tax debts.