General Data Protection Law


The LGPD is a federal law, of national scope and of extraterritorial scope. It is characterized by its multisectoral nature, from an economic perspective, and transversal, from a management perspective, since it encompasses all the activities developed by those who handle data from individuals, at all operational and organizational levels.

It is a regulatory framework that aims to create uniform rules for the protection of personal data, and thereby increase the asymmetry and coherence for the treatment of such data in the country, in a contextualized way with the rest of the world.

Given the scope of the theme and the correlation with other areas of law in which the Firm operates, Figueiredo&Velloso developed a project to assist its clientele in matters related to the adaptation of corporations to the General Data Protection Law through the following services:

  • Legal advice aimed at adapting the company or organization to the General Data Protection Law;
  • Elaboration of an opinion on the specific regulation of LGPD in a contextualized way to the operation of each client, helping him to develop risk analysis efficiently;
  • Privacy impact assessment for certain types of personal data processing, providing legal certainty in the adoption of innovative processes.