Pro Bono Program

Being socially responsible, the FIGUEIREDO & VELLOSO Law Office is concerned with democratic access to justice and the improvement of legal institutions.

The Pro Bono Program of the Figueiredo & Velloso Law Office assists defendants in criminal proceedings who cannot afford high quality private criminal defense. Each year, up to six cases are selected that consider the following criteria:

  • Financial situation of the defendant;
  • Degree of the defendant’s vulnerability in the criminal system;
  • Social relevance of the criminal case;
  • Repercussions of legal theses.

If you want to be defended by the FIGUEIREDO & VELLOSO Law Office through the Pro Bono Program, please fill out the form below. It is of fundamental importance that the description of your case be the richest possible and that copies of documents of the process be attached. Our answer will be brief.